Tour De France is one of the most popular Grand Tours of bicycling taking up to 3 weeks and occasionally passing through neighboring countries. It is an annual race that occurs in multiple stages (21 to be exact). The tour is held in the month of July as a tradition and while routes may change each year, the race format remains the same. It is also one of the tours that have made casino & bicycle quite popular.

When Tour De France was first held, it was back in 1903 for the sole promotion of L’Auto newspaper, which is today owned and run by Amuray-Sports-Organization, and increase sales. These days, the race has various objectives and promotes different agendas.

Tour De France has happened every year since its introduction apart from the periods of World War 1 and 2. At first, the race only involved participants from the French field, but this would soon change as cyclists from all over the world began enrolling to take part in the tour. As a UCI World Tour, most of the teams participating in the event are UCI World teams with the exception of teams invited by the organizers.

A huge part of the original tradition has remained as the tour crosses through Pryenees and Alps mountain chains and finishes in Paris. It also alternates between anticlockwise and clockwise moves each year. There are around 22 teams participating in the event with each team containing 9 members. However, a lot has changed. When the race was first stage, the idea was to have a 5-level race lasting from 31st May to 5th July starting from Paris through Lyon-Marseille-Bordeaux-Nantes and back to Paris. Toulouse was later added to the stops.

As with most games, Tour De France has been dominated by various individuals who last winning streaks up to 5 times before another swift cyclist comes through. It is more like a casino & bicycle. Winners have come from different European countries mostly France, Belgium, Spain and Italy. France still holds the record of most wins (36) ahead of Belgium (18), Spain (12) and Italy (10). Other countries have less than ten wins.

When it comes to determining the winner, there are various classifications used mainly the “general” classification, “mountains” classification and “points” classification. The winner of the general classification (where racers wear yellow jerseys) is said to have won the race, but there are other winners since Tour De France houses various competitions within the race.